What Is scanCandy?


scanCandy is a social media image sharing and scanning app that provides members a fun, safe, and easy way to add actions to photographs that will allow for new levels of communication, branding, and even commerce.  You can add Vines, Youtube videos, Flipagrams and any other url that you may want to load into a photo.  Any photo of a product that you sell can link right to the buy it page if you like.  The options are limitless. The content is yours, and the brand is you.

1. Register on scanCandy

2. Creating Your Super Profile

3. Adding Candy To Photos

4. Editing Existing Actions in scanCandy

5. Find and Follow Friends on scanCandy

6. Using the scanCandy Camera to Unlock Actions

7. Sharing scanCandy to Social Media Platforms

8. Goals for Beta Test

Full Tutorial
(All 8 Tutorials Above In One Video)

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