scanCandy is an engaging mobile application for museums providing visitors with a unique multimedia experience that:

  • Provides a user-controlled "digital docent" that adds context to challenging works of art.
  • Raises the level of connections between the artist, historical context and the public.
  • Adds a social media component for sharing and communication between the museum and the user.
  • Allows visitors (with minimal signage) to create their own user-defined tours of their personal art selections and share them with others on a variety of social media platforms.
  • Allows visitors a platform in which they can keep their art selections for future review - like an art postcard or memento.
  • Provides important analytics for the museum to better tailor their exhibits to their audience.
  • Requires no additional hardware other than the user's own mobile phone.
  • Can be used museum-wide, indoor and outdoor.

scanCandy allows the museum to better engage and communicate with  visitors to enrich the overall experience.